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Indonesian | Contemporary | Hyperrealism | Pop Art

DODIT ARTAWAN Balinese Contemporary Hyperrealism Artist, Dodit Artawan is the kind of artist whose works are deeply rooted to his social milieu. Born in 1978 in Batubulan, Indonesia.


Lives and works in Bali. Upon graduation from Bachelor of Fine Art at Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar Bali in 1997, made quite an upheaval in Balinese art scene for breaking the established hegemony of dominant value in form of local identity by using traditional elements.


From 1997 to date, Dodit had presented 3 solo exhibitions, and participated in numerous group exhibitions in various galleries and art spaces in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Italy and now in America.

Postmodern yet traditional (Dodit is inclined towards still life), he uses western pop culture to reflect the social implications of globalization.

You could almost liken it to advertising, “in photorealism – hyperrealism paintings, there are social, political, or psychological aspects that the artists want to convey, some even critique the theme they present.”Aesthetically, the choice of utilizing still life for his works makes perfect sense for Dodit as he is attracted to the transparency and reflection of bottles, glass, metal, plastic, and ice cubes.

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