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Malaysia  | Contemporary   

Zaim Durulaman Born in 1966, Zaim Durulaman, received his Bachelor in Art and Design from the University of Technology Shah Alam in Selangor, Malaysia. A contemporary artist using Acrylic and Oils on Canvas, Zaim often recalls his birthplace of Penang, Malaysia for his inspiration. His intricate details give way to a living art form, where bold colors and texture compliment serene and tranquil settings. Every subject in his artwork, whether boats, fruits or the human form represents the world through the eyes of Zaim.


The artist uses the canvas to express a simple and natural viewpoint. In Zaim's words, he shares what life is all about—a responsibility towards your family, society, country and God. Zaim has exhibited throughout the world and has received various awards including the Festival International Des Arts, Monastir, Tunisia, Consolation prize from Citra Terengganu Painting Competition, Kuala Terengganu, Honorarium The International Art Colony, Macedonia, Honorarium ASEAN Culture Week and Creative Camp, Hanoi, Vietnam and an Honorable Mention Philip Morris Malaysia-Asain Art Awards in 2003.


He can be found in many collections including Museum of Art (Tunisia), Museum of Art (China), York House (London), CitiGroup, Australia High Commission and Dr. Mahathir Mohammed (Former Prime Minister).

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